Simple Home Brewing

Pick one of this month's beers to get a recipe box containing the ingredients you need to brew it at home, delivered to your door.

Hand crafted beer recipes from the home counties

Each month we pick three recipes from our craft beer recipe book and list them here. Pick your favourite, and we’ll send you a Brewly box with all the ingredients to brew it at home.



English ale, bitter and clean taste with a deep chestnut colour. With a profile of slight citrus notes from First Gol...

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A great combination of British and US hops combine to make Charger an excellent hybrid of English ale and US IPA. Wit...

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Lamplighter Mild

Lamplighter Mild

An easy to drink mild beer, with light hop aroma balanced with medium maltiness. Great beer to have with any food, es...

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Each box makes up to 18 pints!

Why Brewly?
  • There are no artificial ingredients in our kits so you know exactly what's going into your beer.
  • We've perfected a unique brewing method that cuts out all the hassle of mashing grain.
  • It's really quick, all you need is 90 minutes in the kitchen and some patience!
  • Feel proud of yourself and wow your friends with your creation.
  • It's vegan - you’d be surprised (horrified) to discover how many commercial beers use animal products.
  • You can't get anymore local, it's about as local as you can get - food miles? pah!
Stay up to date with each month’s beers
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I urge everyone to spread the word for @BrewlyBeer - excellent starting point for homebrew geeks and superb customer engagement #BeerClub


Think this could be a source of birthday presents in the future.

Jane Woodyer

Proper excited about @BrewlyBeer! I want my kit already!


How does it work?
Step One
1 Pick one of our three monthly beers to be delivered to you as an ingredient kit.
Step Two
2 Receive your ingredient kit and brew the beer following our simple instructions.
Step Three
3 After fermentation and bottling enjoy a glass of your very own craft beer.
What’s in the box?

Top quality hops to add the bitterness and aroma that we all know and love. Some recipes include extra malt to add more flavour and body.


The yeast turns the sugars in the beer mix into alcohol during fermentation. Without yeast, why bother?

Spray Malt

The result of water having been extracted from malt to leave the important sugars that give colour and flavour to the beer.


Important for creating alcohol during fermentation and for creating fizz when you bottle your beer. You need to have a little sugar as we don't include this.

Any questions?

Remember to check out @BrewlyBeer on Twitter for invaluable home brewing advice and tips, as well as even more answers!

What equipment do I need?

You’ll find everything you need in the Equipment Starter Pack, which you can check out in our store. This does not come with your brew kit and needs to be purchased separately, but can be used over and over again.

Do I need anything else apart from what’s been sent to me?

If you don't have any equipment you will need to purchase this, and use each time you brew. Apart from that only household items are needed. You’ll need a kettle or pan to boil water in, a wooden spoon and about 45g of sugar for bottling. Everything you need to brew great beer comes in the brewing packs.

Can I reuse bottles?

Yes, absolutely! just remember to sterilise every bottle you use each time you brew a batch and you can reuse them hundreds of times.

How long will it take before my beer is ready to drink?

Typically the beer will take 3 weeks from the day you start to when it can be drunk. The beer usually needs one week in the fermenting bucket and 2 more weeks after its been bottled. Usually the longer you leave the beer the better it tastes, but it depends how strong your willpower is!

How often can I order new beer kits?

You can order new kits as often as you want! Brewly HQ is stacked high with new beers fermenting away to find the best brews - Just make sure you have a fermenting bucket and bottles for each recipe kit (or a big cupboard!) and you can order as much - or as little - as you like!

How much is postage?

Postage is free unless you live outside the UK